Friday, August 9, 2013

DAY 5 of Smudgefest

I apologize for not including any links.   I came home today to find that my husband moved the majority of our room,  which included all computers.  I am attempting this post with my phone so hopefully this will work.   Remember that card for the bi-polar challenge?   Really feeling the red and blue sides.

I will revise this and probably tomorrow's post, hopefully by Monday.   I am not including deets but will put them in when I revise.

DAY 5 CHALLENGE - Flowing Friday - create a project using a flowing medium.

This was a challenge.   I started my main image this morning but was not happy with it.   Left the rest for when I got back and had all day to get an idea of what I wanted to do.

I started with my Aqua Painter and watercolor paper to start the flowing medium background.   I wanted to attempt a shadowy figure reaching out.   I reworked and reworked and then had to set aside because it was not coming out how I wanted it to.  

I moved on to try something else.   On a silicone mat I squeezed Crystal Effects onto it and moved it around to make drips, use of liquid glues.   Then added Tombow glue to give a little more texture and color.   I set this aside to dry and left the house for the day.

When I got back,  I ended up using both of these ideas and turned them into a note book.
I used the stamp sets from the Smeared Ink Rubber Club.
Skull and background skulls - Morte, March 2013
Saying - As Death, October 2012
Barbwire on pages - Urban Decay, April 2013

Click link below for Smudgefest Day 5:


  1. great shadowy effects...kinda of a creepy feel to it!!!

  2. Brilliant! Really haunting, Shoni! Love how it all came together in the end. xxD

  3. very mysterious and scarrrry Shoni! I love the eerie feeling to it...kind of the "who is in the basement" kind of feel! brilliant!

  4. Wickedly cool and fabulous shadow effect! Your piece has an awesome, creepy feel to it :)