Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Delicious Doodles Challenge #64

I was perusing the challenge blogs and came across Delicious Doodles The Challenges.  Check out some of Teri's wonderful images at her Delicious Doodles Shop.

I had to enter the Challenge #64 - Inspired By A Movie!  I have used the image Horrorscope - Pisces.  Be sure to check out all the Zodiac Signs, they are awesome!
I was inspired by all of the Alien movies.  They are mostly dark colors or black, but I wanted to be able to really see the drawn artwork so I lightened up the color.  The pink I used in my last post must still be in my brain.
I made a pencil topper.  I know that most of them stick over the end of the eraser, but I made it so that the topper can slide up and down the pencil.

Hair Raising Details

I made a second opposite copy of image and printed out each on Neena paper.
I used Copic markers to color in.
Fussy Cut.
Smoky Gray to color in the backs of cut images.
I used Duck Tape to make the circle holder for the pencil.  This was then adhere onto each cut images with Sticky Strip.
Crystal Effects on both sides.
All materials used are Stampin' Up! and are current unless otherwise noted.


  1. An all time fave movie and this creature sure looks like that gross thing that popped out of the stomach. EEEWWWW!!! Makes a great penci topper. Just popped by 'cause I've been sort of busy with Creepmas and not visiting my fave blogs. I'm taking a look around to see what I've missed. Love this. xxD

  2. This is the coolest Matney! You have an incredible imagination. I haven't seen the movies because I am too much of a chicken...even the topper is creepers! lol Again, I love how you explain everything. Especially for something as "ladylike pink" as this! xox