Friday, January 31, 2014

Kickstart Your Art Day 4


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I have started an Art Journal this new year that features wonderful ladies.
They are full of surprises and lots of fun.
I am continuing my "ladies journal" for this week long challenge.

What woman gets excited for her monthly "moon"?
Not this gal.
And she thought turning into a vamp would fix this monthly occurrence.

The Moody Details

Started with Whisper White card stock which I then covered with masking tape.  Since it was out from the other challenge. 
Liked the pins look from the other day and so tried once more.  Images got lost due to way too many spray inks, Gesso, water, and Crystal Effects.
Spritzed up with all the ink sprays from the Day 3 Challenge plus a couple of more colors. 
Let dry, or so I thought!

Printed off image Moonstruck from a Smeared Ink set called Movie Madness, artist Susan Eisenhauer (Ike's Art).   
Brushed White Gesso onto ink side of printed image and onto AJ page.  Let dry. 
Used water and cloth to rub off excess card stock to get to image under.  Rubbed a bit too much so had to reprint image onto Vellum paper.

Also found out that the water smeared the ink sprays around.  Note:  Ink Sprays not good with masking tape.

Colored in image on Vellum paper with markers. 
Adhered down with Crystal Effects which I then used over entire page.

Cut out saying from printed Vellum paper and stuck down.

Black Sharpie to write in words.
All materials used are current Stampin' Up! unless otherwise noted.


  1. Love it! Although, PMS jokes are not funny. Period. LOL, sorry, I couldn't help myself.;) Your page is awesome! Thanks for playing with us!

  2. Having another giggle fest. SOOO glad my days with that are OVER! Fab page! xxD

  3. He he he, another awesome page! And there you go again w/ the tape! Killer kewl idea! I am so glad I dont have PMS any more LOL! Love your work!

  4. wonderful page hope your days brighten..thanks for joining us
    susan s

  5. Fabulous background - I really like doing that tape backing. This soooo made me laugh with your word art !!! I am also in the 'GIDHTA' Club but I do get a bit 'twitchy' at full moon hahahaha :-D
    Thanks for using me again :-D (I don't know why they call me Susan at SI ?!! LoL)

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. thanks for sharing your technique ! your page is great !

  7. He he, I just had to chuckle when i saw this. Awesome concept and those are really cool techniques!