Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 14 - 31 Days

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It's Day 14 and I was not the only one excited for today's post.  I altered a baby doll head into a wine stopper over a year ago.  The body of the doll has been very upset at me because it wanted a head.  I was at Walmart the other day and guess what...found a skull that said it was looking for a body.  I just happen to have one of those.
Brought the skull home and could not wait to sit down and create, bwwaaaahhhaaaa.  Now this little love has a special place in my heart and so should have a name worthy of its unique beauty.  
I only have boys, so this dear had to be a girl.  Her name means: The name of an evil spirit in Greek mythology who abducts and murders children. Also means "vampire" in Latin and "fiend" in Arabic.  What a perfect fit.  Hard to see but she does have a bit of blood on feet and hands.  Small enough to entice and feed on children this spooky Halloween.
I apologize for all the pics and you should be happy I narrowed it down to three!  Someone wanted me to get only the best poses...
I give you LAMIA:


Flashes of Details
Baby doll body from thrift store.
Spritzed with Maya Red Mist.
Linen Ranger Crackle Paint randomly on arms and legs.
Skelli head from Walmart.
Copper Inka Gold Rub on eyes, nose, and teeth.
Linen Ranger Crackle Paint randomly all over.
Soft Suede ink to give more aged look to skull and to grunge up a bit.
Thin candy stick to hold head onto body.  Cool because the head rotates when moved.
Dress is original that came with doll.
Took off garment and stamped skeletons (Freaky Friends, SU!) in Violet StazOn ink.
Also stamped spiders (Dark & Dreary - retired SU!) in Black StazOn ink.
Grunged up a bit with Cherry Cobbler and Soft Suede ink and water.
All materials used are current Stampin' Up! unless otherwise noted. 


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! This is totally wicked!! I love it so completely awesome!! wow! xxx

  2. EEEK! I love her! FAbulously fitting name and you rocked her dress. She's such a DOLL! xxD

  3. You have a very dark side, don't you.
    Hey - never waste a good body!
    The stamping on the dress is brilliant!

  4. Love her dress, genious! She is 1000% spooky perfect! ~kim

  5. Oh my goodness, this is seriously creepy! Your dolly literally gives me the shivers!

  6. I would not want to find her lurking around a dark corner. She'd probably bite my ankles.

  7. Oh I love your dark and twisty mind Shoni! Love Lamia...I named one of my altered domino Witchaeries, Lamia quite a few years ago ;0) Spooktacular altered doll!

  8. You get the gold medal for the creepiest project yet. Seriously twisted, but great Halloween idea.

  9. Incredibly creepy! Great project though!!

  10. What a horrifying little creby!! (Creepy baby put together)hehe. Now I may have to check under the bed again! Wow you got the top spot of creepiest I think! Very creative!

  11. I love repurposeING dolls that I have trashed and torn apart wonderful . Sorry the voice command on this stupid iPad is working up

  12. Oh my, this is so creepy! Thanks for sharing the process.

  13. This is so creepy it's awesome! Love how you stamped up her dress too.

  14. This is such a banging baby! I have always wanted to alter one of my own! You beat me to it! Love the poses you chose to title them as ! LOL....made my face crack into a Huge Grin!!!