Friday, October 4, 2013

31 DOH - Day 4 and Haunted Desing House Challenge

If you are part of the 31 Days of Halloween 5 even, held by Smeared Ink and the Smeared Ink Forum, you should have just left Roni and are now here at Shoni aka Crafty Inknik's blog.  Up next is Jenn!

Day 4 and away we go!  I know you have seen these awesome duct tape creations around.  If not, they are very fun and you can make sooo many thing with them.  Today I have made a wallet out of Color Duck Tape.  It was a lot of fun and I plan on something bigger in the future.

On Friday's, it is Smeared Ink day for the 31 Days.  That means you can only used images from Smeared Ink.  

I will also be entering this 3D skullie wallet into Haunted Design House.  The Challenge #177 - Dimensional Halloween. 
"You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Hallowe'en 
based art piece that is dimensional in some way.  
Now foam pop dots are fine, but we are really hoping
to see you guys come up with some real dimension."
Boney Deets
My second pockets, on each side, are made from transparency film.  Skulls are stamped in Versa Mark ink.  I added Wild Wasabi Embossing Powder to the images and heat set.  They are from Smeared Ink's Rubber Club, Morte - June 2013 done by the awesome Rick St. Dennis.

I did use a Silver marker on the eyes on the back of the wallet (3rd picture).

CIP - Crafty Inknik Prize!!
 Don't forget to post today for the prize that was offered in Tuesday's post.
Sorry, if you did not comment AND leave your favorite Halloween movie yesterday you are out of the running for the candle.  But don't worry, I'll be offering more later.
 Leave a comment every day for 5 days about that day's post AND your favorite Halloween movie.  Yup, that is 5 different movies!  Your name will be entered into a drawing for the candle.
I will have a separate blog post on the 6th of October announcing the winner.


  1. OMG, that's sooo clever! I alwayslook at those rolls and think ???? Let's see, another fave Halloween Movie of mine is Frankenweenie. xxD

  2. I don't know that I have 5 favorite Halloween movies, but now I bet I really do.
    Would a duct tape wallet help me hold onto money longer?

  3. Great wallet! My son loves to make things with duck tape! It's funny how the brand is Duck but the tape is duct.... people and their play on words!! I love the Witches of Eastwick!

  4. Love the wallet!!! What a great idea with the duck tape... I don't know 5 Halloween movies. The scariest I get is The Wizard of OZ!

  5. Gotta love duck tape and the new fun colours and designs are just begging to be used for such amazing creations as your wicked cool waller! Fab job!

  6. What a fabulous use of duck duct tape! Fun!!

  7. Great wallet! Love the skull images on the inside! Wonderful job!

  8. ok, this is awesome! I love the inside pockets! I have seen these wallets but none this cool! great job!

  9. to cool my grandson would love this!

  10. What a fun project Shoni. It is amazing how many colors and designs of duct tape there are and the things you can do with it! Fantastic wallet!

  11. Such a fun project. I love it! Duct tape is a wonderful thing.

  12. So cool...I have seen some duct tape projects but never one as fabulous as this!

  13. So cool, what a fun project. That duct tape is awesome!

  14. Amazing duct tape. so many skulls

  15. Amazing! We dont get duct tape like that in the uk!!! fab! mo x

    1. Oh and another of my favourite Halloween Movies is Paranorman!!! Love a creepy movie we can all watch as a family! mo x

  16. A skull duct tape wallet! How cool is that! Marvelously done!

  17. Very, very clever and COOL!
    Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)