Saturday, October 12, 2013

CIP WINNER!!! and Take That Random Generator.........

Take That Random Generator...
For those who left a comment every day for 4 days on each of my 31 Days of 
Halloween posts (Day 8 - 11)  AND
told me a different favorite candy each day...
I wrote the 6 names that had 4 different candies stated in the posts, Day 8 - Day 11, of their favorite different candies for each day on a piece of paper.   
THEN,  I had my husband randomly write 1-6 on each of their names.
My oldest (9) cut up each persons name, with number, and put into a grocery bag. 
I had my youngest pick a name. 

Okay, the WINNER is for this bag.... 

aka Lisa!!

Her fav's were:
Almond Joy
Kit Kat
Zero Bar

Congrats Idfdesign!
Please email me at sjcm1220@msn to give me your mailing address and to
claim your
Mummy crocheted bag! 

Is it so bad that I love almost every candy you all sent in??


  1. THANK YOU!!!! Oh I'm super exicted!!!! Tell your kiddos that they are my favorite people in the world!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Lisa!

    This was by far more fun than any random generator.