Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 DOH - Day 10 & Smeared and Smudged Forum & Punk You Girl Challenges

Hello again and welcome back to another day, Day 10, of 31 Days of Halloween, held by Smeared Ink and the Smeared and Smudged Forum.  You should have just left Roni and are now here, at Shoni aka Crafty Inknik's Blog.  The Wicked Blogger list is to the left and if you need more info on this awesome event, click on Terra's blog to help answer any questions.  Next, you will be off to Jenn's.
 The Smeared and Smudged Forum has lots of fun, month long challenges.  You can get free digital images, see some wonderful projects, and win amazing prizes.  Check it out!  This card will be in the Junk Funk Challenge.  You have to use envelops somehow in your project.  Either new or old, but old is better.

Can you guess what Punk You Girl's Challenge is??  Hum....October...It is Challenge #5, Halloween!  So for all you who get inspired to create a project, enter!  You've got til' the end of the month.

I admit it.  I am in love with the Smeared Ink Rubber Club set Creepy Lil' Grumpies.  They have stolen my heart.  This lil' grumpie was screaming to be used, but how?  
The new October challenges were posted on the forum.  A couple of years ago I got into Iris Folding.  I love the foil papers, but tend to be a little expensive.  
One smart lady said she uses the insides of her bill/junk mail envelops.  Have you ever noticed the security pattern on the insides?  Well these make perfect Iris Folding papers w/ really cool patterns.  And are FREE!  "Ding" went my brain and so this card was created.  I forgot how fun Iris Folding was.

Mesmerizing Deets & More Pics

Click on the pics to enlarge if you like.

I stamped the image of the 'shadow'.  
Cut out stamped image.
Cut my envelope strips into 1" width.
Fold in half.  The folded edge of the strip will face the center of your cut image.
I used Snail (Stampin' Up! adhesive, tape runner) all around cut 'shadow', and while making the folding pattern.

It is good to have 3 or 4 different patterns/colors of paper.  I used 3.  
Alternate A pattern, B pattern, and C pattern when adhering down.
Last picture is when all pieces are placed and the entire image is covered.
I did use scotch tape to extra secure pattern pieces down.
That's it.  Lots of free patterns out there and really fun.

Grumpie and candle were stamped onto main card and separate piece of card stock with Black Staze On.  Fussy cut body and candle then used dimensional to adhere and give a little depth.
Markers and Blender Pen to color in.
Crystal Effects on eyes and flame.

Background is stippled and sponged, then gone over with an Aqua Painter.

I used the same pieces of pattern to create a small frame edging.

Grumpie stamp and saying are from the Smeared Ink Rubber Club set Creepy Lil' Grumpies, August 2013 #2.
All materials used are Stampin' Up! unless otherwise noted.

Don't forget the CIP!
Want to win a crocheted Mummy Candy Bag made by me?
 Leave a comment every day for 4 days (Tuesday - Friday) 
on each of my 31 Days of Halloween (DOH) posts AND
Tell me your favorite candy.
So...Post a comment for Days 8 (Tuesday) through 11 (Friday) 
A different favorite candy each day. 
Yes, you can go back and comment if you forgot a day. 
I will do the bean counting on Friday evening...late.
  Your name will be entered into a drawing for this handmade candy bag.
Click HERE for post and picture.

I will have a separate blog post on the 12th of October, Saturday morning, announcing the winner.
Good Luck!


  1. So frickin' COOL, Shoni! I bought several books on Iris folding several years ago and then never tried it. Brilliant to use the insides of your envies, too. I've made flowers from them but...this is just amazing. this couldn't be cuter. My candy for today is Hot Tamales. Besides chocolate, cinnamon is my FAVE flavor. xxD

  2. I have an abundance of envelopes of many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and weights. Never want them to go to waste.
    Thanks for sharing so many details and how to's.
    Candy? I went to the store last night for eye drops and ended up in the seasonal candy aisle buying body parts shaped candy.
    Some of it was Yummy Gummy.

  3. Your Iris folding is amazing!! I tried it a couple of times but never made anything this good!!!mmmm candy, Love twix!

  4. Love your iris folding. I love the papers you chose for it. Great project.

  5. You do the most clever, creative, time consuming techniques .... always so much fun to read your tips! This card is Just fabulous!!

  6. Cute Grumpie~ LOVE the shadow!!!!!

    Another of my Favorite candies is Reese's Pieces :)

  7. Stunning, that's what this card is. I have a book on iris folding but haven't tried it yet, will look into it now.

  8. Great the Iris folding! I have done Iris folding myself its very effective!!

  9. this is fantastic! I really do love everything about it. Grumpies are always a winner in my book so Grumpies wit recycling and then it looking this rock! xx

  10. Love the iris folded ghost - that's a fantastic idea!!! Cute wee grumpy too!! I love a Wispa - yum, yum! mo x

  11. OMGhoul! I love this! What an absolutely fab idea to do the iris fold in grumpie's shadow! Love it!

  12. This s very fabulous. I have not seen nor thought of such a thing w/ cutting out the image, and then putting different papers in place of it. Very awesome you! I want to try this now :) And my favorite candy is Twix bars w/ peanut butter.


  13. Wow Shoni...I have never seen anything like this before. It reminds me of quilting. What a great idea and it turned out fantastic. Great backdrop for your little grumpie!

  14. so neat... never seen anything done like this! Fabulous!

  15. OH my gosh, this is fabulous. I've always wanted to try iris folding. Beautiful card.
    My favorite cand today is Kit Kat (are you noticing a chocolate theme:))

  16. What a great use of trash!!! I love that you stamped the image on the iris folding!!!! AWESOME!

  17. This is brilliant! I love how you have incorporated the envelope for the shadow. Just all around awesome. I can't wait to get my grumpies!!!

  18. That is fabulous, I love how you did the shadow in the Iris folding. Thank you for the info on it! Amazing job!

  19. I forgot!!!! My favorite candy is kit kats!!!!